Who Might Be Liable for a Large Truck Crash?

February 9, 2023
18 wheeler on highway

Being in a motor-vehicle collision is never good, but it can be especially devastating when a large truck is involved. The occupants of small passenger vehicles are incredibly vulnerable in crashes with big rigs, and they almost always end up seriously hurt.

If your life was turned upside-down by an accident involving an 18-wheeler, you’re probably wondering who’s to blame. You’re going to have to assign liability to someone, after all, if you want to seek compensation for the resulting damages.

Like other kinds of collisions, there are a number of parties that could be deemed responsible for a large truck crash. Read on to learn about some of the most common culprits:

1. The Transportation Company

When employees cause harm to others while performing their job duties, their employers are typically to blame. That means if the trucker was at fault for the crash and was not operating independently at the time, the motor carrier that employed him or her is probably liable for the damages.

2. Another Motorist

Passenger vehicle motorists are expected to exercise caution around big rigs. This means accounting for their wide right turns and staying out of their blind spots. When motorists fail to give truckers a reasonable amount of room to maneuver safely in traffic, they can be held liable for any collisions that occur as a result.

3. The Cargo Loading Company

It’s not uncommon for motor carriers to use third parties to load their freight. These contractors are expected to balance the cargo so the trailer is not prone to tipping and then secure it adequately. If they fail to do either, they can be sued for the damages stemming from any rollover accidents.

4. A Government Agency

Both state agencies and local municipalities are responsible for designing and maintaining roadways that can accommodate all the most common vehicles, including 18-wheelers. Some of their obligations include:

  • Ensuring the lanes are wide enough,
  • Marking the lanes clearly,
  • Giving vehicles plenty of room to merge,
  • Circumventing especially sharp turns, and
  • Filling massive potholes promptly.

Consequently, when poor road conditions are to blame for a crash, a government entity may be responsible. While private citizens are entitled to take action against the government, though, there are a few additional hurdles they have to overcome in order to do so.

As such, it’s important to turn to a personal injury firm that has experience going up against government agencies. There are different filing deadlines and notification requirements, so you’ll want to be sure your claim is in the hands of a seasoned and knowledgeable professional before proceeding.

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