What Qualities Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?

June 21, 2019
What Qualities Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?

Most attorneys these days have a website where you can learn about their practice areas, years of experience, and professional accolades. While a website may provide insight into a lawyer’s credentials, it’s important that you don’t decide to hire an attorney until you’ve met with him or her in person.

Below we’ve listed a few qualities to look for in a personal injury lawyer:

1. Experience in Cases Like Yours

During the initial consultation, ask the lawyer to describe cases he or she has handled that were similar to yours. Personal injury law is a broad legal area that encompasses many kinds of cases including car accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, and slips and falls—to name a few. The lawyer you hire should have a detailed and well-practiced knowledge of the proceedings, the relevant case law and statutes, and the most tactful strategies to employ at various stages.

2. Positive Online Reviews

Looking at online reviews is a good way to screen out attorneys who consistently provide unsatisfactory representation. While a few negative reviews may be nothing to worry about, it’s a red flag if an attorney has a lot of negative reviews or a high ratio of negative to positive reviews.

3. Track Record of Success

What settlements and verdicts has the lawyer achieved in cases that are similar to yours? This is one of the most important questions you can ask during the initial consultation. Though every case is different and past results are not necessarily an indication of future success, if the lawyer has won similar cases, that’s a significant sign that he or she has the strategies and resources to provide effective representation.

4. Litigation Experience

Some attorneys just don’t have that much trial experience. Many are reluctant to go to trial because litigation requires extensive time and resources, and there’s no guarantee of winning a verdict. The best personal injury lawyers, however, relish the opportunity to go to trial. You’ll want a skilled litigator by your side from day one so the insurance company knows the case may go to court if they are unreasonable during settlement negotiations.

5. Confidence, Sincerity, and Honesty

You may be able to learn a lot about a law firm from their website, but certain qualities cannot be discerned without a face-to-face meeting. If you don’t feel comfortable during the initial consultation, it may be wise to look elsewhere for representation. That discomfort might be attributed to a lack of confidence exhibited by the attorney, or by a lack of sincerity or honesty—all of which are important traits to look for in a personal injury lawyer.

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