What Kinds of Expert Witnesses Might Contribute to My Car Accident Claim?

April 29, 2021
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Building a strong car accident claim demands all kinds of resources. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the wreck, you may need to obtain toxicology reports, cell phone records, and/or surveillance footage. You may need to consult several experts, as well.

When it comes to proving liability, causation, and damages, there are a number of specialists whose expert testimony might contribute to your case. Examples include:

1. Accident Reconstruction Experts

Accident reconstruction experts deduce what happened in the moments leading up to a wreck by evaluating photographs, marks in the roadway at the scene and other evidence. After scrutinizing every aspect of the wreckage, from the length of the skid marks to the configuration of the broken glass, they can usually explain what happened to a reasonable degree of certainty.

2. Medical Specialists

You’ll have to demonstrate the extent of your injuries—and any lasting impacts they’ll likely have—in order to pursue compensation for their associated costs. This is where relevant medical specialists can help.

In addition to consulting your primary care physician and any other treating providers, your legal team may obtain statements from one or more specialists with knowledge and experience relevant to your medical needs. If you sustained a traumatic brain injury, for example, they might confer with neurologists and psychologists who can speak on the kinds of challenges your condition will present over the course of your lifetime.

3. Industry Experts

If you won’t be able to return to the workforce even after reaching maximum medical improvement, you may be able to obtain compensation for loss of income and lost earning capacity. In order to estimate a reasonable figure for such damages, your car accident lawyer may consult vocational experts. After evaluating your education, experience, job, and most likely career trajectory, they can offer an opinion about your ability to engage in work.

4. Economists

An economist who specializes in evaluating future loss of income will make sure all the figures include proper projections that meet the legal requirements to be admissible in a South Carolina court. When quantifying future damages, like wages you would have earned or the cost of surgeries you’ll likely need, these numbers must be properly tabulated to be admitted into evidence.  

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