USC Upstate’s Hodge & Langley Mock Courtroom Helps Children, Police and Attorneys

February 27, 2017
USC Upstate’s Hodge & Langley Mock Courtroom Helps Children, Police and Attorneys

For some people, the idea of going to court is terrifying. They may even choose not to proceed in a case out of fear for how the court proceedings may go. That’s why we at the Hodge & Langley Law Firm find it very valuable to help our clients prepare for court and know what to expect. We also appreciate the chance to try out arguments on sample juries to better define our cases. For these reasons, we prepared plans to build a Mock Courtroom – but then, as the other benefits to the community became clear, we realized this courtroom would be a true asset to all of Spartanburg.

In 2016, USC Upstate opened the Child Protection Training Center  at the George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics in downtown Spartanburg. Unique to the southeast region and one of only four centers of its kind nationally, the Center includes a Mock House, the Charles J. Hodge Mock Courtroom and the Poliakoff Jury Deliberation Room. Designed for experiential training in child abuse investigations and court proceedings, the Center helps relevant professionals gain hands-on training from real-world situations to learn how to handle child abuse claims, investigations and trials.

Hodge & Langley Law Firm is proud to have been the lead donor for the project. Community members, nonprofit groups, students and our staff now regularly use and benefit from this local resource.

The Charles J. Hodge Mock Courtroom is a key part of USC Upstate’s Child Protection Training Center, providing a setting to help those working in the child protection field prepare for the process of taking cases to trial with the ultimate goal getting justice for the victims and make them feel safe.

Additionally, Hodge & Langley’s lawyers, staff and clients use it for court preparations and focus groups. We’re proud to have our name on such an important community asset that is working to put child abusers behind bars, help police, inspire future lawyers, and yes, even improve our preparation for our clients.

For more information on USC Upstate’s Charles J. Hodge Mock Courtroom, visit the program’s website or watch the video below.To inquire about using the Charles J. Hodge Mock Courtroom, complete the online scheduling form.


Charles Hodge's interview on Studio 62:






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