Three Tips for a Happy, Litigation-Free Holiday

December 1, 2015
Three Tips for a Happy, Litigation-Free Holiday

The holidays are here! And with that, companies and individuals are throwing parties, hosting friends, buying gifts, and otherwise exposing themselves to a variety of potential lawsuits. To keep your holidays merry and lawsuit-free, follow these tips:


  • At holiday parties, don’t overserve guests. 
    Whether you’re throwing the company party or a personal one at home, you may be held responsible if guests drink too much alcohol (or abuse other substances) and cause injury to themselves or others. Be a good friend and colleague: don’t serve those who order too many drinks, and never encourage alcohol abuse.
  • Help guests and employees get home safely from the party. 
    If an employee or guest leaves your party under the influence of alcohol and gets in a motor-vehicle accident, you or your company could be liable for the accident. To keep people and property safe—and your company uninvolved—factor the cost of alternative transportation into your holiday party plans. Arrange for car services or taxis to pick up guests as they leave, or position an employee or host by the door to call Uber drivers or taxis as guests prepare to depart. A little time and money spent ahead can save dollars and lives.
  • Shop smart to avoid faulty products. 
    Holiday deals and mark-downs may lead you to buy from companies that you’ve never used before. Take caution when doing so. Try to purchase from trusted brands and labels to ensure products are well made and will be perform as promised. Check product recall lists before buying large gifts, baby products, cars or electronics. Never buy used products without first checking recall lists, and always ask for the manual and any related warranties. Consider purchasing warranties on major products to protect your investment.

If after following these tips, you still find yourself the victim of a faulty product, part of an auto accident, or otherwise in need of an attorney’s advice or help, please contact the attorneys of Hodge & Langley Law Firm. While we hope everyone has a litigation-free holiday season, we’re here to help you whenever you need it.



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