The 10 Most Common Construction Accidents

September 16, 2020
The 10 Most Common Construction Accidents

Construction accidents account for a significant number of work-related injuries—and deaths—every year. Hazardous materials, excessive fatigue, and dangerous machinery are just some of the risks that construction workers face on the job.

Let’s take a look at the most common scenarios that cause injuries on construction sites:

1. Falling from an Elevated Surface

Construction workers must often perform their duties on precarious surfaces including scaffolding structures, ladders, and rooftops. Since they can’t always work while attached to a harness, they’re prone to falling from great heights, which is the most common kind of construction accident

2. Slipping or Tripping & Falling

Slipping or tripping at ground level also has the potential to cause serious injuries. Construction sites are littered with tools and cords, not to mention uneven surfaces. Something as simple as overlooking the warped plywood protecting the flooring could have devastating consequences.

3. Getting Struck by an Object

On job sites with more than one story, falling objects pose a major hazard. A worker could drop their tools, or a gust of wind could scatter debris on everyone on the lower levels.

4. Getting Electrocuted

It’s not uncommon for worksites to have exposed wiring. Naturally, until the property’s electrical system is complete, the workers are vulnerable to shocks and even electrocutions.

5. Getting Caught Between Two Objects

Construction sites are inherently chaotic, which can make it hard for the workers to track all that’s going on around them. As such, getting caught in between immovable objects—e.g. heavy machinery or materials—is a leading cause of accidents on job sites.

6. Explosions

If the site has exposed wiring or gas piping, a fire could ignite. Should there be any combustible materials or equipment in the vicinity, an explosion could result.

7. Overexertion

Performing physical labor for long hours in high temperatures is enough to push most people to the point of exhaustion. Workers who are pressured to continue past this point are prone to overexertion-related complications like heat stroke.

8. Malfunctioning Machinery

Whether due to user error or defective parts, malfunctioning machinery is incredibly dangerous. From jackhammers to bulldozers, serious injuries—and even death—can result when machines don’t operate as they should.

9. Getting Struck by a Vehicle

When a job site is located near moving traffic, the workers are at risk of getting struck by a passing vehicle. Even if they take all necessary precautions, a single distracted driver could cause a catastrophic collision.

10. Collapsing Trenches

When erecting new buildings or expanding old ones, construction workers must often rely on trenches. Should these tunnels collapse while workers are inside them, serious injuries are likely.

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