Strategies for Strengthening Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

March 11, 2022
construction site accident

Every day, injured workers across South Carolina apply for benefits under their employer’s insurance coverage. While some of these parties receive good news and start collecting compensation right away, others—including those whose claims are equally valid—are denied.

Although there’s no way to guarantee your own claim will be approved, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of securing the benefits you deserve. Read on to learn what they are:

1. Notify Your Employer ASAP

Even if your supervisor witnessed the accident, you should notify them of your injuries in writing as soon as possible. This will start a legitimate paper trail linking the incident in question to your injuries.

In most cases, employees must report any work-related injuries within 90 days of sustaining them. While there are a few exceptions to this deadline, you don’t want to assume they apply to you without first consulting an attorney.

2. Visit an Approved Provider

Generally speaking, your employer’s insurer is only going to cover your medical bills if you’re treated by an approved provider. If you don’t like the physician they send you to, you may contact the insurance company and request a different doctor. If the carrier is uncooperative about the change, an attorney can help you request a hearing with the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission.

It’s worth noting that distance alone does not typically warrant a change in providers. Eligible claimants are entitled to reimbursement for their travel expenses when the practice they’re sent to is located more than 10 miles from their home. Consequently, the Commission does not often consider distance a reason to change physicians.

3. Keep a Journal

Every winning workers’ compensation claim is comprised of detailed—and consistent—data. While much of this data will come from your employer’s documents and your medical records, it can also include journal entries.

As soon as possible after the accident, start writing in a journal. By recording the kinds of challenges you face as a result of your injuries, you’ll create a compelling log that bolsters your claim with data in your own words.

4. Call a Lawyer

While you don’t need legal representation to proceed with a workers’ compensation claim, you certainly won’t regret enlisting help. A resourceful attorney can handle your claim—and apply pressure on your employer and/or their insurer as needed—while you focus on your recovery. Your legal team will investigate the accident, gather evidence, track damages, and guide your case through every stage of the subsequent proceedings. They can also help you file an appeal, should your claim be denied.

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At Hodge & Langley Law Firm, we know how hard it can be to secure workers’ compensation benefits. As long as you have legitimate grounds for a claim, though, you can be sure we’ll use all the resources at our disposal to help you seek an approval. To schedule a free initial consultation with a workers’ compensation lawyer in South Carolina, call 864-585-3873 or submit the Contact Form on our website.



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