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What Mistakes Should I Avoid Throughout Product Liability Proceedings?Not all accidents are your fault. Many times, the products we use every day have poor designs, improper manufacturing, or other problems that make them potentially harmful for use. If you were hurt by a defective good, our Spartanburg product liablility attorneys can help you pursue compensation for medical bills and other damages arising from the accident.

Our attorneys have a combined 50 years of collective experience sorting through the evidence, investigating the circumstances of accidents, and holding responsible even the largest companies. Our dedicated legal staff knows how to research a case, collect pertinent information and talk with experts. If you think a defective product caused you or a loved one harm, contact our lawyers today.


The product liability lawyers at the Hodge & Langley Law Firm have handled a wide range of defective products cases, and won significant awards to help our clients recover from their injuries.

Some specific examples of defective products / product liability cases include:

  • Poorly-designed vehicle fuel system causes a fuel-fed fire
  • Seat belt defects, tire defects and wheel defects
  • SUV rollovers due to design defects
  • Sheet metal roller machine with inadequate safety mechanisms causing severe injury or even a wrongful death
  • Poorly maintained or defectively designed forklift dropping heavy weights on workers in a manufacturing plant or warehouse
  • Saws used for cutting meat, timber or other materials causing dismemberment, laceration, and/or potentially catastrophic injuries
  • Defective insulin pump causing serious medical problems for a diabetic
  • Implants, cosmetic implants and surgical devices causing rejection by body, infection, and/or potentially catastrophic injuries
  • Prosthetic devices that fail causing infection, disease, and/or potentially catastrophic injuries
  • Defective machines, hay balers or tractors leading to dismemberment, laceration, and/or potentially catastrophic injuries
  • Defective aesthetic laser machines

What Mistakes Should I Avoid Throughout the Proceedings?

There are many reasons why disputes arise in product liability cases. The opposing party will be looking for any legitimate reason to reduce the value of your claim or deny it outright, so it is critical to avoid missteps that would weaken your case.

Our Spartanburg product liability lawyers can guide you through the process of filing a claim so you are fully aware of the actions that may harm your case. We can help you avoid critical errors and oversights such as:

  • Delaying Medical Treatment: Even if you think the injury isn’t very serious, you should seek a formal diagnosis as soon as possible. Postponing medical care not only puts your health at risk, but it may also cause the opposing party to argue that your injuries could not be as severe as you are claiming since immediate care was unnecessary. They might also assert that you did not take reasonable steps to mitigate damages. As a result, you could be held partially or entirely liable for your own damages.

  • Ignoring Your Doctor’s Advice: You should follow every instruction provided by your medical team or you could face a dispute over a failure to mitigate damages.

  • Posting Sensitive Info on Social Media: Your first impulse in the wake of an injury may be to turn to social media to share your experience and vent your frustrations. Unfortunately, anything you post online could be used by the opposing party to challenge your claim. The legal team for the defense may review your social media profiles for photos, videos, and even pictures you were tagged in on other people’s profiles. Your posts may inadvertently suggest that you were partially liable or that you are ignoring your doctor’s instructions to rest and avoid strenuous activity. For these and other reasons, it’s best to set your accounts to private and avoid posting until your claim has been resolved, even if you think a particular post could not possibly harm your case. You never know how your online content could be taken out of context.

  • Giving a Recorded Statement: Never provide a statement to the opposing party. Nothing you say to them will help your situation, but it could certainly harm your case. Our Spartanburg product liability attorneys will handle all relevant correspondence on your behalf.

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Our products liability lawyers offer a free initial consultation to discuss your product liability case, and we handle defective product cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay nothing up front for our legal services. If we are successful, our fee will be a percentage of the settlement or award we obtain for you; if we are not successful, you will owe us no attorney fees or costs.

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