Prevent Teen Driving Accidents

October 17, 2016
Prevent Teen Driving Accidents

Every year, 25 teenagers in Upstate South Carolina are killed in car accidents. That’s 25 children, 25 families, and countless friends and relatives who should not have to suffer through such a tragedy. That’s why the Hodge & Langley Law firm is partnering with News Channel 7 for Operation Safe Drive, an initiative to try to prevent teen driving fatalities. 

Young drivers are involved in fatal car crashes at more than twice the rate of other drivers. So Operation Safe Drive is working to spread the word to teens and their parents about how to make safe driving decisions. This week, October 17-22, is National Teen Driver Safety Week, so now is the perfect time to talk with your teens about these tips.

Operation Safe Drive recommends these 5 steps that teen drivers should always follow:

1. Always wear your seat belt!
2. Put your phone out of reach. Texting and calls can wait!
3. Never get in a car with an impaired driver, and NEVER drink and drive.
4. Night driving is dangerous! Get home before dark and take extra precautions. SLOW DOWN while driving at night.
5. Don’t let your friends distract you while you are driving.

Parents of teenaged drivers should follow these steps:

1. Drive with your teen as much as possible, especially in the first year, when accidents are most likely.
2. Take the 2-hour Parent Program online course on the risks teens face at Alive at 25.
3. Schedule your teen driver to take the Alive at 25 survival course developed by the National Safety Council. Find a class near you at the SC Alive at 25 website.
4. Program phone numbers in your teen’s phone of who to call if they feel unsafe getting in a car.
5. Sit down with your teen and go over the importance of the 5 teen action steps.

The auto accident attorneys at Hodge & Langley Law Firm want to help make Spartanburg safer for teens and their families. Please help us spread the word about Operation Safe Drive and the five steps that can help save lives.



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