We’ve all heard the cases of police brutality, violence in jails, targeting minorities and unlawful use of force. Sometimes it can seem like the people sworn to protect us are also putting us in danger. But just because you’ve been arrested or put in jail does not mean that you lose your rights. At Hodge & Langley Law Firm, we help protect and defend the civil rights of those who have been arrested or imprisoned in South Carolina.

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Police and jail negligence come in a variety of forms, and many of them threaten the basic civil rights of our state and country. Some examples of police misconduct, jail negligence, or civil rights violations for prisoners include:

  • Denying adequate medical care to prisoners
  • Police beatings or prison guard beatings
  • Unreasonable and forceful searches, even if not formally convicted of a crime
  • Unlawful police stops or searches
  • Insufficient monitoring and protection of inmates in prison
  • Prisoner abuse, either by police, guards or other prisoners
  • Inappropriate use of deadly force by police
  • Unlawfully detaining suspects

We know it may be daunting to assert complaints against local law enforcement. It can seem that no one wants to listen to you or believe you. But if your rights have been violated or you or a loved one has been mistreated or abused by an officer or prison guard, the attorneys of Hodge & Langley law are not afraid to go to court to support you and fight for you.

Attorney T. Ryan Langley has handled several cases of police misconduct in South Carolina (see Duncan police Settle for $700K; Langley publishes about police brutality and excessive force), and he is ready to help with your case as well. Contact Mr. Langley and his team today to discuss your case.