Nursing Home Neglect

March 22, 2016
Nursing Home Neglect

At Hodge & Langley Law Firm, we help families take on difficult cases of nursing home abuse. As discussed in our blog, there are six main categories of nursing home abuse that an elderly resident may experience.

For families questioning how their loved one is being treated in a home, though, the word “abuse” may seem overly harsh. Instead, families often notice signs that something is “not right” with how the elderly person is being treated, but they’re not sure if it counts as legal abuse. In these cases, neglect may be to blame.

Four Types of Nursing Home Neglect

According the National Center on Elder Abuse, neglect in a nursing home is a type of abuse. Neglect comes in many different forms, and will vary by person, but there are four primary types of neglect a person may experience in a nursing home:

  1. Basic Needs Neglect: Failing to provide the resident with enough food or water, or a safe and appropriate living area.
  2. Medical Neglect: Failing to provide necessary medical care, medications, or attention to health issues or mobility needs.
  3. Personal Hygiene Neglect: Failing to keep the resident clean and cared for, including brushing teeth, tending to hair and nails, doing laundry, and bathing regularly.
  4. Social or Emotional Neglect: Leaving the resident alone too long, speaking to him/her rudely or meanly, or ignoring the resident’s requests.

It is the obligation of the nursing home to provide adequate staff, services, and medical care to meet the basic needs of all residents. The home should also provide for measures to prevent neglect, like safe bedding, regular visits, and appropriate staff training to handle the variety of needs of elderly residents. If a nursing home has neglected your loved one or has an environment that allows for neglect, you may have a case against the home.

Is Neglect Against the Law?

Since nursing home neglect is a type of abuse, it is against the law. More importantly, it is medically and emotionally damaging. If you suspect nursing home abuse that may be putting a resident in immediate danger, please contact 911 right away. Then, contact a lawyer familiar with nursing home cases immediately. The experienced attorneys at Hodge & Langley Law Firm can meet with you, free of charge, to hear your concerns and see if you have a case.

If you suspect nursing home neglect, promptly get the medical help you need for your loved one. Then contact us to help further protect you and your family.



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