Family Recovers $1.25 Million Settlement After Fatal Accident

July 19, 2020
Family Recovers $1.25 Million Settlement After Fatal Accident

Attorney Charles Hodge of Hodge & Langley Law Firm in Spartanburg has helped a family recover a $1.25 million settlement in a car accident wrongful death case. The fatal crash happened in 2019 when the victim was stopped at an intersection and waiting to make a right turn. A driver who was speeding ran off the road and hit her vehicle.


The victim did not have a pulse when emergency workers arrived at the scene. Following 10 minutes of efforts to save the woman, her pulse returned, but she died a few minutes after reaching the hospital.


She was a single mother of a teenager and two young adults.


According to attorney Charles Hodge, “The entire family was extremely close…The job was to educate the insurer on the family dynamic and the enormity of the tragedy…The insurance company can’t see them as numbers…When you have good clients, the case assumes a much stronger value.”


The attorney said he provided the insurance carrier with full information on the crash, the mother and her children, and an economic report.


Pursuant to a confidentiality agreement, other details about the accident, including the identities of the defense counsel and defendant, are not disclosed.




Amount of Settlement: $1.25 million


Type of Injury: Death


Settlement Date: April 2020


Expert: Charles Alford (economist)


Attorney for the Plaintiff: Charles Hodge of Hodge & Langley Law Firm in South Carolina




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