Don’t Make These Mistakes When Building a Drunk Driving Accident Claim

July 10, 2022
damaged front of car

When a drunk driver causes a crash, the injured victims usually have grounds for legal action. Just because you might be entitled to file a claim, however, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a payout.

To recover funds for the resulting losses, you will have to convince the insurance adjuster of both liability and damages. You’re also going to have to avoid making critical missteps along the way.

Read on to learn about some of the most common mistakes that drunk driving accident victims tend to make when building their claims:

1. Accepting Some Degree of Blame

Even if you think you contributed to the crash somehow, you should not state as much to the insurance adjuster or any member of the opposing party. In fact, the only person you should discuss such concerns with is your lawyer. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your claim before it even gets off the ground.

2. Concluding the Negotiations Prematurely

If the insurer offers a settlement fairly early in the proceedings, you’ll probably be tempted to accept it. Unless you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, however, there’s a good chance the offer doesn’t account for all the damages you’re going to incur.

Generally speaking, it’s wise to discuss any offers with a seasoned car accident attorney before accepting or countering.

3. Failing to Preserve Valuable Evidence

Building a strong drunk driving accident claim starts at the crash scene. From photographs of the wreckage to eyewitness statements, there’s usually a host of evidence you can gather before leaving the area.

If your injuries prevented you from recording the scene, don’t worry; as long as you reach out to a resourceful lawyer as soon as possible, they should be able to preserve most, if not all, of the available proof.

4. Neglecting Your Recovery

Personal injury claimants are expected to mitigate their damages by taking reasonable measures. For drunk driving accident victims, that typically means undergoing a comprehensive exam as soon as possible.

By visiting a doctor right away, you can ensure the prompt diagnosis and treatment of any injuries, including those that aren’t yet manifesting symptoms.

Once you start treatment, it’s also essential that you follow all medical advice. Otherwise, you could be considered at least partially liable for any complications that arise. If you’re instructed to take it easy, for example, returning to a labor-intensive job will not bode well for your claim.

Discuss Your Case with a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in South Carolina

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