Do I Need an Attorney for My Car Crash?

July 31, 2020
Do I Need an Attorney for My Car Crash?

If you were recently involved in a wreck, you may be entitled to compensation for some or all of the resulting damages. While you can certainly pursue these funds on your own, a resourceful car accident lawyer can make sure you don’t overlook any damages and can help you avoid other costly mistakes.

If any of the following applies to your situation, it is generally advisable to call an attorney:

1. You Sustained Serious Injuries

The costs associated with stabilizing and then rehabilitating a severe injury can add up fast. That means if the auto accident left you with serious trauma, your financial security may be in jeopardy.

A resourceful personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence of liability. This, in turn, may reduce the likelihood of facing a dispute and increase the chances of obtaining a recovery that accounts for all the damages you have incurred, which may include:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning capacity;
  • Home and vehicle modifications;
  • Domestic help;
  • Child care;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Sexual dysfunction;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Loss of enjoyment in life;
  • Psychological trauma; and
  • Pain and suffering.

Your attorney may prove the extent of your economic damages using relevant bills, invoices, receipts, and other documentation. As for demonstrating non-economic losses, your legal team can use personal injury journal entries; photographs of any visible scarring; deposition from medical experts; and deposition from friends, loved ones, and colleagues who have seen changes in your mood, behavior, and demeanor since the accident.

2. You Played a Role in Causing the Accident

If you contributed to the wreck—or to the severity of your injuries—it could limit the total compensation to which you are entitled. Under South Carolina’s modified comparative fault rule, a plaintiff’s recovery must be reduced by his or her own percentage of fault. What’s more, those who are deemed more liable than the defendants are barred from recovery.

If there’s even a chance you played a role in the accident, consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. He or she will help you determine the most strategic way to proceed after evaluating the circumstances surrounding the crash.

3. The Claims Adjuster Is Being Uncooperative

At the end of the day, insurance carriers need to protect their bottom line. Unfortunately for claimants, that means denying or at least devaluing cases whenever possible.

If you started the claims process on your own and now the insurance adjuster is refusing to acknowledge their policyholder’s liability or the extent of your damages, a car accident lawyer can use proven negotiation tactics to help you pursue a fair settlement. And if the opposing party is still uncooperative, your attorney may help you file a lawsuit.

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