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get help with a construction accident claimOur construction accident attorneys in Spartanburg have seen firsthand just how life-changing an injury on the job can be. With extensive experience in both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, our lawyers can review your case and determine the most strategic way to proceed.

We don’t charge anything for the consultation, and if we are unable to help you obtain compensation, you won’t owe us any fees whatsoever. To speak with a member of our team, call 864-585-3873.

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys Can Assist with Your Claim

Picking up the phone to speak to an attorney is a big step. This may be the first time you’ve sought the services of an injury lawyer, and it’s normal to feel completely out of your element. Ultimately, you want the assurance that hiring an attorney not only will make your life easier but also will put you in a more favorable position to pursue the compensation you deserve.

While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome in your case—no law firm can—we can provide personalized representation and guide you through this difficult chapter of your life. Our attorneys have over 55 years in collective experience in the laws and procedures that govern workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

Here are a few specific ways we can help you fight for a recovery:

  • Conducting an In-Depth Investigation: If you try to bring the claim on your own, you might overlook important details that could impact how your case unfolds. Our construction accident attorneys in Spartanburg will conduct a thorough investigation to compile the evidence needed to strengthen your claim. This may include surveillance footage, eyewitness statements, incident reports, 911 call recordings, medical records, financial records, and other documentation.
  • Helping You Take the Necessary Steps: There are certain steps you must take to put yourself in a favorable position to obtain compensation. For instance, in a workers compensation case, you will likely have to notify your employer within 90 days of the accident. You also have a limited amount of time to bring the claim. What’s more, there are steps you can take to avoid disputes, such as not posting to social media accounts, tracking damages, and preserving essential evidence.
  • Approximating a Fair Payout: Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, so they have incentive to deny or reduce the value of any claim that comes their way. Our construction accident lawyers in Spartanburg have seen just how devastating a worksite injury can be, and the resulting damages can be exorbitant. We can help you approximate a reasonable expectation for recovery and make sure you are provided the benefits to which the law entitles you. 
  • Connecting You with Resources: With many decades of combined experience litigating personal injury and workers’ comp cases, our lawyers have forged deep connections with medical providers, liability experts, economists, and other experts whose deposition can play a pivotal role. If warranted, we can consult with these experts and depose them to strengthen your case.

What Should I Do After a Work-Related Accident?

Whether it’s an injury on the job, a car wreck, or a slip and fall, it’s difficult to stay calm after being involved in a severe accident. It’s not uncommon for victims to make crucial mistakes that could later harm their claim.

While you may be in serious pain, it’s important to take a deep breath and be careful about what you say and do. Taking the right actions immediately after a construction injury could help reduce the chances of facing disputes down the line.

Here are the steps you should take:

  • Notify Your Employer: You should notify your employer as soon as possible both in person and in writing. This is a necessary requirement to bring a workers’ compensation claim in South Carolina.
  • Document Your Injuries: Using your phone, take pictures of the injuries that you sustained. These images can help connect your injuries to the accident and prove the severity of your condition.
  • Speak to Eyewitnesses: If you think someone nearby may have witnessed the accident take place, you should jot down their contact details. It’s likely that your lawyer will want to interview eyewitnesses to determine whether their statements could help prove your claim.
  • Seek Medical Treatment: Whether you broke a bone or only suffered a few cuts and bruises, you should always visit a doctor after an accident. He or she will create records documenting the severity of your injuries, recommended medical interventions, prescribed medications, and other important information about your treatment and recovery. Not only can these records help your construction accident attorney connect your injuries to the accident, but they can also help prove damages and demonstrate that you took reasonable steps to mitigate damages by seeking immediate medical treatment.

Speak with a Construction Accident Attorney in Spartanburg

If you were hurt on a construction site, contact Hodge & Langley Law Firm to discuss your case. You can reach us at 864-585-3873 or send us a message to set up a free consultation.



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