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Class Action Lawsuit against CenturyLink

Written by T. Ryan Langley on December 18th 2017.

Partner T. Ryan Langley of Hodge & Langley Law Firm has recently filed a class action case involving numerous allegations against CenturyLink, Inc., a telecommunications company, concerning its cable, internet, and phone service.

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The case relates to facts initially disclosed by a CenturyLink employee who filed a whistleblower-type action alleging she was terminated for reporting to her supervisors about Wells Fargo-type accounts being created at CenturyLink.

In a story published by Bloomberg, the employee states that she was receiving numerous complaints from customers about unauthorized services being added and billed to the customer accounts and was retaliated against for submitting the problems to CenturyLink’s management.

After investigating, Hodge & Langley learned that many customers across the United States, as well as state attorneys general, have alleged that CenturyLink engaged in various unfair or fraudulent business practices, including: agreeing to one price and then charging higher prices later; signing customers up for services and accounts they did not request; and failing to properly change or credit accounts when customers brought these issues to CenturyLink’s attention. Former CenturyLink employees have confirmed these allegations in court filings. 

Ryan Langley has recently filed a class action lawsuit in North Carolina on behalf of two individuals who have experienced billing problems with CenturyLink. Hodge & Langley is also working with firms from around the country on cases filed in many other states that have now been consolidated before Judge Michael J. Davis in a multi-district litigation pending in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some of the other allegations around the country include the following fraudulent business practices:

  • Billing for phone lines or service items never requested by customers;

  • Billing higher rates than those quoted during sales calls;
  • Billing early termination fees when customers cancelled the services due to higher rates;
  • Billing customers who cancelled their service because the quality was below what CenturyLink had said they would provide;
  • Billing for a period of time before the service was connected;
  • Billing for products that were ordered but never received;
  • Failing to credit customers when errors were found;
  • Charging full price for leased modems that customers returned within the required timeframe, refusing to reimburse the customer; and
  • Referring customer accounts to collections when the customer refused to pay wrongful charges.

If you are a current or former CenturyLink customer and believe you were the victim of improper sales or billing practices by CenturyLink, we’d like the opportunity to discuss that with you. Call 864.585.3873 or contact us online today.

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