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Case Result: Settlement Ends Wrongful Death Claim

Written by T. Ryan Langley on November 27th 2017.

In a case settled earlier this month, Ryan Langley was able to work on behalf of a grieving family who felt that they had no voice. After the tragic death of their son, attorney Langley led a case that took on a government agency that the family felt was at fault.

This case involved the death by drowning of a 2-year-old boy who had been removed from his parents (for reasons that were not contested) and placed in the home of a close relative. The Complaint alleged that the boy’s death was caused by the South Carolina Department of Social Service’s (SCDSS) failure to properly conduct a home assessment of the relative, and failed to identify the existence of an above-ground swimming pool on the relative’s property.

SCDSS denied such allegations and contended that the boy’s death was caused by the lack of supervision by the numerous adults, including the boy’s father and aunt, who were present at the relative’s home on the day he was allowed to wander off to the swimming pool.

After almost two years of litigation and extensive discovery, the Parties agreed that it was mutually beneficial to amicably resolve this case. The case has been resolved for payments by SCDSS of $380,000 and dismissed with no admission of liability or wrongdoing by SCDSS.

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