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Wells Fargo Fraud Cases

Written by T. Ryan Langley on November 10th 2016.

Hodge & Langley Law Firm is now representing clients in South Carolina who are victims alleging fraudulent accounts were opened in their names by employees of Wells Fargo.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau revealed in August 2016 that Wells Fargo had created over 2 million fake accounts by surreptitiously using the names of their customers. Wells Fargo employees have reported that they were pressured to open the accounts to meet difficult-to-attain sales goals. As a result, millions of customers had fake bank accounts and credit cards or debit cards opened in their name, usually without their knowledge.

The experienced corporate fraud and identity theft attorneys at Hodge & Langley Law Firm are working to represent any resident of South Carolina who was a victim of any of the following unlawful acts:

  1. Opening an account of any kind, including a credit card account, without the class member’s consent;
  2. Transferring funds between accounts without the class member’s consent;
  3. Applying for a credit card without the class member’s consent;
  4. Receiving a debit card without the class member’s consent; or
  5. Enrolling in online banking services without the class member’s consent.

Wells Fargo lawsuit South Carolina

Hodge & Langley’s attorneys and staff have teamed up with the lawyers at Henninger Garrison and Davis, which is involved in this Wells Fargo case in North Carolina. A similar case is also underway in Clarke County, Georgia.

If you are a Wells Fargo customer in South Carolina who may have been a victim of unlawful acts by Wells Fargo bankers, including accounts or credit cards opened in your name, please contact Hodge & Langley Law Firm today. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating these and other corporate fraud issues, and we would be happy to help determine if we can pursue a claim on your behalf. 

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