5 Tips for Social Media Use While Involved in a Motorcycle Accident Claim

February 19, 2021
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If you were recently hurt in a motorcycle accident and you intend to take action against the at-fault party, it’s wise to disable your social media accounts. Insurance adjusters will often monitor a claimant’s online activity in an attempt to find something they can try to use to challenge the case.

Because there’s no way to be sure how the insurer (or potential group of jurors) might interpret what you post in an effort to discredit you, it’s best to stay offline altogether until your claim has been resolved. If you can’t disable your accounts temporarily, reduce the chances of jeopardizing your claim by taking the following steps:

1. Make no posts relating to the incident or places to which you are travelling.

Anything published online may be used by the defense counsel to try to attack your credibility. Even though taking a trip may seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to do to get away from the stress of dealing with injuries from a wreck, often times adjusters/defense counsel will try to use that to argue that you are not really injured. Once it’s published online, its likely out there forever so presume everything you post can be tracked.

2. Filter All New Requests

A lot of people are in the habit of accepting virtually every request they receive for networking purposes. As long as you have a pending personal injury claim, though, it’s important to ignore requests from people whom you don’t recognize. They might work for the insurance adjuster, and they may be trying to access your profiles.

3. Scrutinize Every Post Before Hitting “Publish”

Generally speaking, you should not post about the accident, your injuries, or the direction in which you plan on taking your case. You should also be careful about publishing anything that could be used to challenge the severity of your condition, like posts about social outings.

4. Avoid “Checking In”

Until your claim has been resolved, you should stop “checking in” at public places. Otherwise, it will be fairly easy for the insurance adjuster to track your activities—and then use them to track your activities and/or challenge your claim.

5. Remind Loved Ones of Your Pending Claim

If the insurance adjuster cannot monitor your own online activity, they may try to monitor your loved ones’ profiles. Therefore, you should remind your closest friends and family members about the situation. Ask them to avoid mentioning you in their own posts or publishing photos of you.

In that same vein, do not post periodic updates about your health online. It may be a convenient way to keep concerned loved ones informed, but it’s best to do so through a more secure means, like in person or over the phone.

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